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Handbound books & paper goods



Made with passion in Scotland

Our books are made using traditional and contemporary techniques in our bright and plant filled studio in Glasgow.

We make all our items by hand using skilled craftsmanship, from design to finishing in limited edition runs using specialist tools and equipment.

We make sketchbooks, notebooks, boxes and stationery, share skills through workshops and take on bespoke commissions for artists, designers and writers.

We hold a range of materials in house, and can source specialist materials for custom projects.

Ethically sourced materials

We believe in being green.

We source as much of our materials as possible from Scotland. All of the paper we use in our journals is recycled and milled in the UK, and we use Coats linen to sew our books.



bold & bespoke


We make our work in house by hand, meaning that everything is customisable. Our limited run items can be personalised, or get in touch to discuss bespoke orders.

Commissions and events

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Books are universes in our pockets

We make books as places for ideas to nestle.
As safe spaces for experiences to be recorded.
As spaces for gratitude to be acknowledged and for sketches to flourish.

We're excited by the potential that books hold in their pages.
Nothing makes us happier than getting our hands on a fresh sketchbook or notebook ready to be filled, and we think that your thoughts and memories deserve somewhere really special to live!